Planeta Azul: An Educational Program


Planeta Azul Organization

Yaasha is charged with coordinating after school dance and music programs for Planeta Azul Band and Passistas Samba Dance Group. She also works as a Brazilian dance teaching artist in collaboration with Changing Worlds, one of the nation's most well-respected arts education providers. Years of dance, years of choreographing for Passistas Samba Dance Group, and years of teaching within the high-risk youth sector have given Yaasha the tools necessary to run a successful program. She doesn't just teach her students, she reaches them, helping provide needed skills to achieve both inside and outside of her classroom:

- confidence in self

- self respect

- discipline

- focus

- cultural awareness

- reward

Yaasha is also the Artist Coordinator for Planeta Azul & Passistas Samba and helps to manage our large events by assisting Event Coordinators and acting as the liaison between artists and event directors, directing/coordinating the Passistas Samba dancers, and directing/coordinating the Planeta Azul band. No event is ever too large or too complex with Yaasha at hand!

Written by Rachel Montiel


Planeta Azul Educational Program in action with instructor Kristina Hayes